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As a premier solar design consultancy, we specialize in creating large and small-scale solar projects, hybrid solar stations, eco-friendly buildings, and wind power plants.  We use BIM technology to ensure that your solar design project is optimized for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

big scale Solar Project

For big scale Solar Project Plant

Up to 200 MW capacity “ ON- Grid “ to connect with the main network to support generating electricity.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Systems

For Commercial and Industrial Solar Systems

Up to 5 MW capacity to save electricity bills and to help the environment with clean and green energy.

Echo friendly houses

For Eco friendly houses

To transfer your all home from a traditional home to a different level with a smart system, clean energy, and a lot of green for a better future.

Hybrid Solar Stations pv diesel

For Hybrid Solar Stations

Up to 20 MW capacity that we can use many sources without having the main network that we can use PV-Diesel Hybrid system for the industrial area or for traditional power station for cities to save fuel “70-85 % “ this the best solution for electrical suppliers.

Home Solar Design Solutions

For Home Solar Design Solutions

To save bills with an On-Grid system or save fuel with a Hybrid system or to depends on a solar system with storage batteries we can give you the best solution depending on your needs

Environmental friendly architecture design

We create Sustainably architecture designs to help our clients have the best affordable and efficient buildings in the long run.

BIM services

Whether you are looking for full BIM services, more information on BIM technology, BIM migration or you need to implement individual BIM aspects, we can can provide it to you.

wind turbines

Wind power plants design

Expert wind power plant design services for optimal energy production and minimal environmental impact. Site selection, feasibility studies, turbine placement, and electrical infrastructure design all handled with precision and care.

Commissioning and training

We provide specialized solar training and courses tailored for company crews, empowering them with the skills and knowledge essential for excelling in the field. Additionally, we offer invaluable support to new companies entering the solar industry, ensuring a strong foundation for their success.

Besides our Commissioning services by Checking all drawings with wiring and test all systems components then program all devices and operate them.

on grid system graphic

ON-Grid systems

BESS systems

off grid solar system

Off-Grid systems


PV-Diesel Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems


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